Poisson d'Avril, April Fools Day, 1 April, День Дурака?

Apparently not.

Just before wrapping up for the weekend MS dropped this Congratulations 2011 Microsoft MVP! e-mail in my mailbox.

April 1, what a day to receive this honor. April 1, always part of my memories. Those days, ages ago, when my brothers and I always seemed to succeed to fool my youngest sister, placing a cup of water on top of her door standing ajar. Waiting anxiously for her to return home from high school. Close enough to her room to witness what inevitably was going to happen and far enough away not to be caught once fury would light. Inevitably too. Oh, yeah, the other cup of water waiting patiently on the door of our room. Ajar! Downstairs our mother ready to double up with laughter. Imagine all the noise and commotion to come.


Trix, thanx for the fun we had.

A big thanx to those who nominated me.