On NAV 2013 Licenses - Part 1 | Add-on Ranges

Just wanted to take you with me on my journey to clarify the unknowns around the new licenses. Hope you don't mind me chatting with a MS operations professional.

OP: Good morning, Luc

Me: Good morning, Operations Professional.

OP: How can I help you?

Me: I just created a new NAV 2013 license, but license file and permission reports do not show details on the modules that are in the license. This was always shown in former licenses and reports. How come?

OP: Let me have a look to your account. It might be because everything is now included in the base pack now.

Me: Well ... I can agree on that regarding standard NAV modules, but what about add-on modules?

OP: I am having a look. Did you download the detailed permission report?

Me: Yes. It only shows these 'modules'





450 Full User CAL (Concurrent User)




610 Partner Demo/Dev Module




620 Product Specialist




630 Solution Developer




900 All Application Granules




Country Code: Netherlands




Me: And next to that only details on objects ranges. But no meta info on add-on modules.

OP: Did your add-ons have been register for 2013 version, because in your manage authorized reseller I can see only the option between NAV and NAV Business ready

OP: Developing partners need to sign a new agreement

Me: OK, that hasn't happen yet (I guess) for NAV 2013. Was that already possible as NAV 2013 was just released?

OP: Here is what the training material says:

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Registered Solution Program Agreement is a global, standalone agreement with term of 2 years.

Once an ISV partner has signed the Registered Solution Program Agreement and specified which Registered Solutions will be added to the Agreement a quarterly fee will be charged based on the number of objects included in the Registered Solution.

Registered Solutions that are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) or within the first 12 months of passing the Software Solution Test (SST) will not be chargeable.

Me: OK

OP: Here is a link on PartnerSource: https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/isvsolutions/resourcetools/nav_addonregistration.htm?printpage=false&sid=shjtea3bg4qsr0mqhd1pr00h&stext=Microsoft Dynamics NAV Registered Solution Program Guide

Me: So then regarding my issue: if we would have registered the add-on, following these 'rules', would it then show up in the NAV 2013 license details?

OP: Yes ,after this registration they will be available in your 2013 demo/dev

Me: And then just for my understanding:

Me: They are available (I can see the objects ranges that belong to these modules), but they are not listed as modules in the meta info part. Is that’s what it's all about?

OP: Yes, as long as the object range is available in the permission report the add on are unlocked and you will be able to use them

OP: If you want to go a step further and developing for 2013 you would need to sign the agreement.

Me: So I can use them but not develop?

OP: Yes

Me: I am asking as I we are already developing in NAV 2013, but did not sign the agreement, so there seems some contradiction here.

OP: You would just require to download the agreement and sign it when you will need to register your add-on.

Me: OK, although I am not sure I oversee the full extend yet. I guess following the link you provided above I can read more about it?

OP: Yes, sorry if I was not clear would you like me to resume?

Me: Answer to your question: yes, please

OP: OK, so your issue was you could not see the add-ons in your list of modules: the answer is as long as the object range is available in the permission report the add on are unlocked and you will be able to use them.

OP: If you decide to develop for NAV 2013 you would now require signing a new agreement Registered Solution Program Agreement (RSPA).

Me: OK and the agreement details can be found through your link?

OP: Yes


OP: You are welcome :-)

OP: Sorry all of this is new for us too

Me: Clear

OP: Is there anything else I can do for you?

Me: No, thanx

OP: have a nice day

Me: u2, ciao.

So what did I learn from this?

We can only develop our add-ons on NAV 2013 if we have signed the RSPA.

As it seemed yesterday - see one of my remarks above - we could develop in NAV2013, being: doing anything like coding, creating new fields and object. But as of today it seems we can only code and change existing fields and objects. Since today our insert rights seem to have gone. Indifferent

To be continued ...

... as I did read a lot on RSPA and CfMD this afternoon, but need to digest it before writing about it.

Update 2012-11-17

Today I took the time to update our dev license. It was some weeks ago I last tried and saw that it still did not have the ISV Insert Rights enabled.

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  • Today I took the time to update our dev license. It was some weeks ago I last tried and saw that it still did not have the ISV Insert Rights enabled.


    Will update my post accordingly.

  • Dave, your info regarding CG is fully right. Have been chasing this as sooon as I found it missing in the Beta release, as we have some customers using and needing it for NAV 2013.

    The only thing I was informed about by MS was that they are working on possibly including some redesign.

  • As regards "everything being in the base pack", if you've looked at your NAV 2013 objects, you will notice there are some missing, e.g. all of the Commerce Gateway objects. At first, I thought this feature was discontinued in 2013, but it does appear at the very end of the "Extended Pack Functionality" list. A post to the partner forum gets the response is, "it will be released for NAV 2013 as a separate download", although no notice of when this may happen. I would sure like to see an official document about how objects are being handled in NAV 2013 ...

  • Hello,

    we have been experiencing same problems since beginning of this month. And MS still cannot provide license without error today. And according to my last info from MBS Query it has to be RSPA which makes a lot of sense if you read all the RSP documents through. Please let us know when you had any luck with the license. I will keep you updated.

  • @Gary: thanx for sharing. This sounds as good news to me. Let's see next week.