As you know I have been very happy with the introduction of the EXPORTOBJECTS and IMPORTOBJECTS functions in NAV 2009 SP1, so you can guess my dismay when I found out it is not supported on NAV 2013 (or more precise: it was never implemented for RTC, only on CC). And I am not the only one as you can read on my friends Jan's blog. I wonder if there are more among you who think the same.

If so put a comment below this blog post why you agree with me and Jan (or disagree Hmm). Or you might even want to go out here and vote.

  • @Dave: read Marco's post on this matter for a solution.

  • @Dave: sorry for the delay I am in slow mode as I am recovering from a concussion $-)

    Unfortunately you are fully right, that’s why I wrote this post. However, some befriended developer has some solution for that which he gave me the code of that I can publish. Have planned to do that, but, in slow mode, this takes some time ;-)

  • This message came from the MSDN library.  Shortly after, I realized I could use NAV help (doh!) Anyway, I believe the help is online now.

    My complaint is that the EXPORTOBJECTS function has been relegated to a command line. The way I do upgrades is I export all the objects separately as text and run them through a compare tool (not Mergetool).  In 2009 this is easy to do programmatically and in seconds I have hundreds of text files. It looks like now I will have to set up a batch file to run hundreds of command lines, or write a program to explode one file into multiple files.

  • @dcintron: where did you look "for the documentation on this feature" and found "Blank topics are included as placeholders."?

  • In looking for the documentation on this feature, I find only "Blank topics are included as placeholders."

    Does this allow you to selectively export objects as text? I use this for upgrading all of the time. I would hate to have to export hundreds of objects one at a time.