NAV2013 Beta to RTM - Some Striking Code Changes #2: FIND

Going from NAV 2009 R2 to Beta we can observe that quite some FIND ('-') and FIND('+') had been replaced by FINDFIRST and FINDLAST and from Beta to RTM almost the same number of replacements. Some additonal math shows us that almost half of all FIND('-')/FIND('+') has been replaced by FINDFIRST/FINDLAST (more exactly 44%).

Note that the relative occurences of most other variations of FIND() did not change (see the next graph).


  • Before creating the data form and dataport objects where 'removed' from NAV 2009 R2
  • I am presenting this just as an observation. I didn't do any benchmark testing or any other extensive research in what this means for the performance of NAV 2013 RTM compared to NAV 2013 Beta and NAV 2009 R2. Where the first does seem usefull, the second might be. Maybe I do trigger Vjeko now to rerun his benchmark testing he did some months ago on NAV 2013 Beta. [;)]
  • This is for the NL version. However, this gives a good indication for w1 as NL localization is very restricted
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