NAV 2013 SEPA Credit Transfer and Direct Debit Updates - Netherlands - Arghhhhh

Yesterday Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 SEPA Credit Transfer and Direct Debit Updates - Netherlands was released on PartnerSource. Something various partners and customers have been waiting for in The Netherlands. We too. But then for NAV 2009 R2. Instead of asking MS - and probably getting an unclear answer - I started my own investigation on the code to see if this would be an easy job to do. To my amazement I even didn't get to gathering relevant data to draw my conclusions from as I stumbled over code differences I was sure that wouldn't work. I even doubted if they would compile, however, they did. Let's have a look at PAG11000002.

Ever seen this statement?

IF "Detail line2".FIND('%1') THEN BEGIN

Used to be a simple FIND('-').


IF Custm."Our Account No." <> '<>' THEN

which used to be <> ''

And this statement seems to have absorbed one of the NL local functionality code markers NL0002:

Detail line2".SETFILTER(Status,' NL0002',"Detail line".Status::Proposal);

' NL0002', which IMHO should have stayed '%1'.

Most objects seem OK, but those that do have some NL local functionality code markers, that normally is cleaned before release have similar issue:

  • TAB18
  • TAB23
  • TAB11000000

Even some standard NAV 2013 code has disappeared:

  • TAB18
  • TAB23
  • TAB270

Note that next to that, like before, captions have changed or aren't even provided (TAB11000005) or wrong (TAB311).

Well, I just wanted to let you know and that I am trying to chase the right persons at MS to get this fixed.

  • And what about this difference between TAB18 and TAB23 (leading space in OptionString and ENU caption in TAB 23)?


       { 132 ;   ;Partner Type        ;Option        ;OnValidate=VAR
                                                      OptionCaptionML=[ENU=" ,Company,Person";
                                                                       NLD=" ,Bedrijf,Persoon"];
                                                      OptionString=[ ,Company,Person] }


       { 132 ;   ;Partner Type        ;Option        ;OnValidate=VAR
                                                                       NLD=" , Bedrijf,Persoon"];
                                                      OptionString=,Company,Person }

  • Returned form summer leave started the merge of the SEPA update into our app. Indeed still many bugs regarding captions, promoted commands, (removed) fields ... arghhhhh

  • Yup Arghhhh

    The newest version still contains some bugs. A solution for Report 11000012 SEPA ISO20022 Pain 01.01.03:

    Regards Max

  • Haven't been on this till today. Saw just now that the PartnerSource page has been updated today. As I don't have the means to check it, I assume the code has been fixed.