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Let's clean up NAV #7 - Unused Pages

A welcome to Dynamics NAV veteran Marcel Duizendstraal, who joins the Clean Team! Geeked


It seems there are many unnecessary pages still left in NAV2015, stemming from the good old transformation time.

  • 7172 Sales Lines Subform
  • 7173 Shipment Lines Subform
  • 7174 Invoice Lines Subform
  • 7175 Credit Memo Lines Subform
  • 7176 Return Rcpt Lines Subform
  • 7182 Purchase Lines Subform
  • 7183 Receipt Lines Subform
  • 7184 Return Shipment Lines Subform
  • 7185 Purch. Invoice Lines Subform
  • 7186 Purch. Cr. Memo Lines Subform
  • 7187 Purch. Order Archived Subform
  • 7188 Sales Order Archived Subform

'Vedbaek, go ahead. Clean it out!'

  • Please do not remove these pages. We reimplemented the functionality from the classic client into the RTC. And it works perfectly.

  • There seems to be many more objects floating around, but maybe they are part of localized version, here are 4 tables as an example:


  • Both valid input.

    When posting this entry that were two of my thoughts:

    * is anybody using them?

    * are there even more (OMA says so)?