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Let's clean up NAV #1 - URL and SAVEASHTML

As Mark started to set the pace, I am following up on this with my list of small enhancements that could easily be picked up in the next release. Let's clean up NAV from obsolete remnants. I just call this post #1 even though I am totally unaware how many more will follow.

So here we go: 'Houston' ... uhhh ... 'Vedbeak' let's get rid of the obsolete report property URL and function SAVEASHTML.

For those who agree, give your vote here.

  • It seems there are many unnecessary pages still left in NAV2015. Probably stemming from the good old transformation time.

    7172 Sales Lines Subform

    7173 Shipment Lines Subform

    7174 Invoice Lines Subform

    7175 Credit Memo Lines Subform

    7176 Return Rcpt Lines Subform

    7182 Purchase Lines Subform

    7183 Receipt Lines Subform

    7184 Return Shipment Lines Subform

    7185 Purch. Invoice Lines Subform

    7186 Purch. Cr. Memo Lines Subform

    7187 Purch. Order Archived Subform

    7188 Sales Order Archived Subform

  • Just out of curiosity... were these properties removed from NAV 2015? I cannot find them.

  • Hi Theodore,

    What built of NAV 2015 are you using?