First DDC Event Has Passed

80 NAV pros, 80 badges, 80 pizza's, 80 pair of hands applauding and … of course Mark Brummel, Arend-Jan Kauffmann, Peter Bosch, Marja van Harberden (thanx once more for helping us out), and me. Thumbs-up for all of us; it was definitely a promising start of our community. Yes

Getting Ready

Just after 17:00 I arrived on the spot in Barneveld next door to Arend-Jan's company and little less than an hour to go before the event would start. Arend-Jan, Marja and a couple of others were already busy getting things in place. So I unpacked my computer to connect it to the beamer in the central room and project our welcoming slide.

Getting Started

From all over the Netherlands people came trickling in: Peter (DIN Solutions) from Eijsden, Hans (GAC) from Groningen, Joep and Guido (Mercash) from Hoorn and many more (76!). And longer after the major part of the people had arrived the pizza's start to trickle in. 80 pizza's! For sure mine tasted good.

Getting Informed

After the pizza's, drinks, a lot of social talks, networking, and of course my welcoming introduction and after we assured ourselves Mark indeed had arrived …


Sorry, I have to make a small stop here, and give a little background on this. You know, Mark, Arend-Jan and I, in our utmost enthusiasm and after our first get-together were unanimous on getting this whole thing of the first Dutch Dynamics Community starting. So we planned an event; this event. And we picked a date. Not to soon, not to far away: October 26! Clear, and, o, yes, Mark and his wife's baby would be due around that date … No problem.

Mark Brummel - Form Transformation

Getting Informed (continued)

… so Mark had arrived after his baby boy had come that morning! Congrats, pal. (Lucky me as I did not have to step in for the Form Transformation session. Wink)
So the two sessions - Form Transformation, by Mark, and Web Services, by Arend-Jan - could start. 40 attendants in each room, as still as a mouse. One mouse? No, 40 of them. Absorbing all the details. 69 slides (Form Transformation), 69 lines of C# code (Web Services) in 80 minutes. Great job guys as could be concluded from the applause.

Arend-Jan Kauffmann - Web Services

Getting On

A Dutch Dynamics Community; how are we going to shape this, carry it into the future? Together!
I felt that I tickled us all well enough in my after-sessions discussion. Yes, Mark, Arend-Jan, and I had picked up this challenge, but it's a community, a communal challenge. Hands in the air. Agreed!
Enough fellows to get on moving. A next session. Enough topics for the years to come. Report Transformation, Migration, SQL performance matters, Security and Authorization, Sure Step, …,  to name a few. Enough experts to pick up these gauntlets. Enough for today.

Getting Home

Like many it was still a long while driving home. Satisfied and knowing that we had made the right decision back in July. Beer

  • Good initiative!

    From a customer’s point of view this is an interesting development. For our long term and mid term decisions, and for realization of changes, in house and out sourced, sessions like these can be useful for us.

    Once again thanks to all the people who spend free time and resources to make this happen, to share expertise in an open and pleasant way.

    In the fruit trade, which is part of our business, there is the expression "ready-to-eat". Sessions like these make me think of "ready-to-use".

  • I found the evening to be very interesting. Aside from the part that 3 people had a idea that everybody thought of, but nobody cared to execute. I guess this was a great start of thing to come.

  • My Quattro Formaggio was great, Peter. Be sure we have vegetarian food as this member of the board is also a veg. Sorry that you did not know that.

    Thanx for the feedback, guys!

  • De sessie van Mark was een echte eyeopener voor mij.

    Dit prikkelt weer mijn migratie hart.

    Wie heeft er nog een Add-On welke ik kan transformeren? Ik lust ze rouw.

    Ik zit al te broeden op zeer interessante sessies welke ik samen met een collega zou kunnen geven.

    Ik werd wel al fervente vegetariër meteen afgestraft toen ik de kippizza aan het eten was. Ik beet meteen mijn eigen lip aan gort.

    [lvanvugt: big fun if you process this one with google translator]