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  • Prism for AL Preview

    You might know that I have been (and still am) a fan of Statical Prism . But now that we moved into the AL world this is becoming obsolete as it only handles C/AL code. Christin Clausen and his stati-cal team have been working hard on the AL version of the tool. Last week they released a preview version of Prism for AL to the community and they asked me to review it. Unfortunately I did not find enough time yet to that, but had a quick look and thought it very promising. And as such worthwhile…
    • 2020-7-14
  • Test Automation Examples - Example Two and Categories

    CODE COMPLETE! Yesss. This was waiting somewhat too long on my desk to be completed, but this morning I finally did: Extended Text on Assembly Documents . This example extends the standard Extended Text feature in Business Central to assembly documents. As with the previous two completed examples ( Blocking Deletion of Warehouse Shipment Lines and Automatically Set Posting Period on GL Setup and User ) you will find a full collection of ATDD scenarios in Excel and PowerShell files, that were…
    • 2020-7-6