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  • Test Tool Extension

    When working on getting the standard tests running on our solution the standard Test Tool was not making our live as easy as it could. Wanting to rerun only successful or failing tests, this was near to impossible. Manually deselecting individual tests turning of the Run field, was, euphemistically said, not the most meaningful thing to do. So, already a couple of years ago we decided to add some actions to the test tool allowing us to (1) select the Run field for (a) all tests (b) only failing…
    • 2020-3-8
  • Test Fixture Initializer

    Overtime I have been advocating the use of the standard Business Central tests in various posts, webinars, conference presentations, and my book . IMHO this has been, and still, is an undervalued collection of over 22,000 automated tests that cover all functional areas. It's a no brainer to let them run on your solution as we did on ours . In case your solution intertwines with standard code chances are big that these tests will also hit your code resulting in a number of failing tests. As discussed…
    • 2020-3-7