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  • A book, conferences and workshops

    If you read my book and want to confront me live, or too lazy to read it (yet) and want to hear me speaking or teaching, or you did not get to buy the book yet, you will have a number of chances to do so: May 18, 2019, 365 Saturday Amsterdam 2019 , Netherlands I wil present Test Automation for Business Central . May 24, 2019, Days of Knowledge , Odense, Denmark I wil be presenting with Erik Ernst and Palle Arentoft on how to speed up your development including automated testing. June…
    • 2019-5-7
  • A book and the things unsaid

    You might not have noticed anything about it yet, but after 260 hours, spread over 5 months, of designing, coding, writing, and reviewing on my side, my first book , and the first book on test automation for Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central has been released last week. Finally, a wish came true, an ambition, started probabably back in 2011 with my series on NAV and Test-Drive Development . Having been a tester in the Global Localization Development team at Microsoft (and…
    • 2019-5-7