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  • 56 = SQUARE(7) + 7 and My Conference Season

    For those of you that have been following me for a reasonable number of years: you might have stumbled across my testimonial . It clearly marked a threshold in my professional carrier, and in hindsight it was worth all the while taking it. And now I am on the verge of adding another 7 years. Next week Thursday, to be precise, when I will be down south in California, when conference season has just taken off. My conference season and a whole new training season too. May I invite me to join me in…
    • 2018-9-24
  • Why you would want to collapse your FastTabs

    Or freely translated from an old Dutch saying ( Doe de deur dicht! Je bent toch niet in de kerk geboren?): Close that FastTab! Have you been born in church? ... meaning: keep the door closed, do not spoil the heat inside. And that's what this small post is about: have a better performance by collapsing the FastTabs on your pages. After our upgrade to NAV 2018 we experienced a number of performance issues. One I blogged about some months ago. Another concerned the loading time of the Item Card…
    • 2018-9-13