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  • How-to: Add Visual Studio Command Prompt To Visual Studio

    As you know my daily work is highly depending on Visual Studio Team Foundation Services, so when last week VS 2017 was released, I immediately installed it and continued my work as before. It's one of those great things of VS: a high up- and downward compatibility. It makes me smile. Nevertheless there are always a couple of things that I need to reinstall to have my setup the way I want it. Among them: Make Araxis the default compare tool. You might recall of wrote a small post on this…
    • 2017-3-13
  • The Word layout document is malformed

    Last weekend I spent time to get things working on my Azure machine for the fourth week of the Junior Developer Training. A five week course I am running since last fall for Dynamics 365 Training Ltd. in the UK. While compiling the code of our example application I ran in to the following error: "Ouch," I thought, "not again." I had ran into this issue on my laptop a couple of months ago. At that time I was working on some label printing issue with Torben Wind Meyhoff and Niels-Henrik Sejthen…
    • 2017-3-5