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  • NAV 2016: Multiple Clients Launched When Running Objects Subsequently from Object Designer

    Apparently we keep on running into this issue once in a while. While developing you run your objects from the Objects Designer and with each single execution a new Windows Client session is being fired. Using your valuable time and frustrating your debug session as the previous one is not valid anymore and you have to start a new one. If I recall this right it first happened when NAV 2013RTM and R2 were installed side-by-side and we got a fix for that from MS . In the meanwhile I didn't get…
    • 2016-3-8
  • How-to: Sort Columns - SETASCENDING

    Since NAV 2013 we are more and more getting the full potential out of SQL Server. In NAV 2009 (and before) it was, for example, unimaginable to setup "your own" sorting for your data retrieval as SETCURRENTKEY only allowed you to use the keys defined on the table you were going to query. Or not possible for users to sort their lists by any column, like they had been used to in, for example, Excel long time. So now we get, more and more, the power of SQL directly accessible. Now with NAV 2016…
    • 2016-3-5

    Coming from a C/C++ world into NAV, ages ago, it was somewhat dismaying to feel the various constraints of the system. And true, to also feel the power of it, not in the least because of these constraints, IMHO. But hell, isn't this always the case when changing? I mean, when changing, whatever. Habits. Tools. On-premise to cloud. Your partner. Or we could be still in a honeymoon state of mind and find out the constraints later. Well, long story short. One thing I was very surprised by was…
    • 2016-3-5