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  • The cleanup is on again - A New Team Member

    As the conference season is getting to its end we are already focussing on the cleaning up afterwards. Luckily some extra hands have been offered. A welcome to my former MS-colleague Jan Hoek . Have a look at what he started to clean up: Let’s Clean Up NAV #16 . BTW: you might have noticed - at least Mark did - that Microsoft has started to pick up one of our cleanup suggestions: NAV2016 CU1 | The AltSearchField field property does not work as documented .
    • 2015-11-19
  • Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere! #13

    Ouch, I had this post sitting on my pile for almost 6 months. Started it but never finished. Sorry for that, Olof. You deserve surely better than that having produced quite an immense number of blog posts since you started blogging almost two years ago. And not just "a number of posts", but also worthwhile post. Today's post Record Permissions in NAV 2016 is a good example of what people can expect to find on your blog. And it triggered me about my own to-be post, still not published. So hereā€¦
    • 2015-11-10