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  • NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server - On Tour #2

    Summer vacation season on the Northern hemisphere, but also the preamble to the conference season: Directions EMEA 2015 , in Mannheim, Germany Directions 2015 in Orlando, US NAV TechDays 2015 in Antwerp, Belgium And we have been working hard to get TFS on the agenda, and we got it there ... So go there and join us. Clearly, NAV on TFS is on tour again. And not only with presentations on the mentioned conferences, but also with deep dive sessions: Near Dornbirn ,…
    • 2015-7-25
  • The Association of Dynamics Professionals - Certification Exam Question Submission

    Next to the various roles I have been "playing" since I entered the Dynamics world in 1999 a major one is my involvement in the education of my professional fellow (wo)men and of course, and not in the least, myself. As the products keep on evolving there is a never ending need for all of us to get and let ourselves (be) educated. In whatever format, on whatever time. Classroom setup, e-learning, how-to videos, trial & error ... any style or format that fits you best. As many people there are, as…
    • 2015-7-25