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  • Let's clean up NAV #9 - Development Environment Options

    It's been a while and dust is collecting. Sun is shining, open windows and doors, time to do some cleaning again. Today let's clean up the Development Environment Options Marquee Full Selection and Max. no. of XML records to send . The first did only have a meaning when designing forms, the later is taken care of by the client setup ( ClientUsersSettings.config) . No Options, uhhh, option today. Let's make our hands dirty, Vedbaek.
    • 2015-5-30
  • ShowMandatory - part 2

    You might recall me writing on the new ShowMandatory property. The one you can now set on a page control showing a red astrix on the left side of the control. And that it will also shown when setting the NotBlank property on a primary key field. By mere coincidence I ran into the following. I created the following table having set NotBlank = Yes on the Primary Key field. And a Card Page based on this table with ShowMandatory = TRUE on all non-PK controls. You see? No astrixes for…
    • 2015-5-30

    Even though many of us are experienced developers, the FILTERGROUP record function isn't for each of us a well-known or understood concept. Because of this very reason the following question has been for years part of the quiz I start a course day with. So get ready … The default lookup page for MyTable is run by the following C/AL code: MyTable.FILTERGROUP(2); MyTable.SETFILTER("No.",’1000..5000’); MyTable.FILTERGROUP(0); PAGE.RUN(0,MyTable); When the page is displayed, the user applies…
    • 2015-5-30
  • Documentation or Implementation Bug? Unlimited Code Length

    3/4 of a year NAV 2015 is on the market and nobody so far (at least that I could trace on the Internet) seemed to have noticed. I guess we all have sleeping. Seems including MS as it hasn't been fixed. Did you read this? Click on the image to go to the msdn help topic. Great, so eventually code variables are treated the same as text variables with respect to their length. Well ... bummer ... no. Try it yourself. Clearly a bug, but the question is: documentation or implementation…
    • 2015-5-26
  • When Changing a Codeunit Subtype

    Since a couple of years codeunits have a property called Subtype . Selecting a specific value for this property changes the behavior of the codeunit, one of them being an extra property added to functions, i.e. FunctionType (for Test Codeunits and Upgrade Codeunits) which defaults to a specific value depending on the Subtype value (see my post NAV 2015 Glance 4: New Functions are Local by Default? ). Now what happens when you change the Subtype of a codeunit? As FunctionType values depend on…
    • 2015-5-15