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  • Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere! #11

    CompGeek (Arjan van de Logt) has been around in the Dynamics world for quite some time. So like many of us he's got enough "powder to fire a gun". But as modest as he is never wanted, needed, could, ... Luckily he "finally" found a good reason to start writing: " ... write about subjects I had to figure out but also about subjects I bump into and which I think might be interesting to other people. " Reading the posts, ComGeek has been writing sofar, I know I will turn to them in some near future…
    • 2015-1-31
  • Page Wizard Should Populate FastTab Captions to Enable Translation

    Building numerous of pages I ran into this issue already ages ago . Because of that I had registered the issue on msconnect asking Microsoft to fix this. Already on August 26, 2011 (!) Microsoft - by means of Stuart Glasson - answered that it had been fixed in NAV 7. But NAV 2013 was released, and we know NAV 2013 R2 en NAV 2015 also were, but still the issue is there. o I have created a new entry for it and go there and give your vote.
    • 2015-1-10
  • Let's clean up NAV #6 - Remove Redundant COMMIT

    Browsing through msconnect I stumbled across one of my entries: Remove COMMIT from a number of Codeunits . A perfect member of my Cleanup series. Small, but as we started to "clean up" let's pick up this one too. If you agree go there and give your vote.
    • 2015-1-10
  • Comment and Uncomment Selection – v2.0

    Last year was the year of (the release of) NAV 2015. A major new release bringing NAV another step forward. As before it was presented at a number of events of which I did attend a significant number. Directions US, Dutch Dynamics Community, Directions EMEA and NAV TechDays. And apart from the major part of the content they all had one striking thing in common. Now picture yourself sitting in those rooms at these events, where various speakers are delivering their well prepared presentation.…
    • 2015-1-4
  • Comments are evil?

    Did you read Soren's last post ? You should as it contains a worthwhile standpoint regarding commenting code. And it's down right clear that Soren abhors commenting code. Even that much that he doesn't allow me putting a comment to his post! So here I am ending up on my own blog with a comment on comments that are considered evil. ... SQUARE(Evil) ... Here I go ... Dear Soren, I cannot but support your standpoint. Indeed we should all write clear code that needs no comments. It makes…
    • 2015-1-4
  • All the Best for 2015 ...

    ... to you all. As promising clear as the sky over our home this morning. But what ever will happen, ... Life's what you make it Feliz Año Nuevo , Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, Happy New Year, Bonne Année, Godt Nytår , Glückliches neues Jahr, ... to all of you! And Laimīgu Jauno Gadu (for Modiris) , Sretna Nova Godina (for Vjeko).
    • 2015-1-4