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  • Christmas Eve: A Joyful and Merry Xmas 2014

    It's fun reading old posts like last year's on Christmas Eve . Could just copy it here and let it be. However life would be utmost boring if everything would be exactly the same, but I know it would also be unbearable if everything would be totally different. So I cherish Chrismas Eve, get the tree set and once again prepare our Kerststol . Patiently waiting for the dough to rise, meanwhile cutting wood that will heat up our oven, allowing us this evening to bake pizza's and the Stol . Allowing…
    • 2014-12-24
  • How-to: Configure Visual Studio to Use an External Compare Tool

    During my two days NAV ALM using TFS training I got the question how I did configure my Visual Studio client to work with Araxis instead of the built-in compare tool. I easily could show them how it was configured. Nevertheless I had to admit I didn't think up this myself. So I googled for TFS how to set Araxis as compare tool and directly did hit the blog post that helped me so much ever since I am using TFS: diff/merge configuration in Team Foundation - common Command and Argument values…
    • 2014-12-18