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  • Jet Express for Word - Some Notes

    Those who have been working with the Word layout Reporting feature might have heard of the Word add-in called Jet Express for Word . The essence of this add-in is that " ... your fields appear in clear text and the search feature makes it quick to add the fields you need ", as Jet puts it on their website. As it's freely available (so at no cost) download it and be happy with it. However I find myself using both Jet Express for Word and the Word XML Mapping pane as the have both their pros and…
    • 2014-11-27
  • Why is the Repeater in my WORD Layout not Showing Data?

    Being a Word user from way back 1987 I felt immediately at home when the NAV Core Team did present us MVPs already months ago the Document Reporting feature. I think it's really a great feature. Indeed it has it's restrictions, but it's so easy to use, which is exactly the reason why it has landed in the product. Given a useful dataset definition you will have in no time created the layout. However you might run into the following as I did. Preparing for a training on the new Document Reporting…
    • 2014-11-27
  • Let's clean up NAV #5 - Torn Page Detection

    Join the Clean Team ! Welcome to my fellow MVP Alain Krikilion , aka Kriki , who also clearly wants to clean up as you can read below. Let's kriki up NAV! In the database properties of NAV, on the Options tab, there is the toggle Torn Page Detection . In SQL2000 this option was introduced to have some mechanism to detect if a page was 'torn'. What is behind it? A page in SQL is approx. 8KB. But the default disk-cluster in Windows is 4 KB. So when you…
    • 2014-11-18
  • Let's clean up NAV #4 - SYSTEM Functions

    Once I start to clean up ... I can't stop I guess. So here's more that still resides in C/SIDE and has become totally obsolete (the following table is an excerpt from Changes in C/AL Behavior and Support from Earlier Versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ): Function Change COMMANDLINE Not supported in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. ENVIRON Not supported in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. …
    • 2014-11-16
  • Let's clean up NAV #3 - AltSearchField

    With RTC all of a sudden, so it seemed to many, AltSearchField was not working anymore. Complaints abundant as probably the same 'many' hadn't learned about the new dropdown list yet. You know that list defined by the FieldGroup property on a table. Meanwhile this dropdown list has become a common feature that provides the user with even a more powerful way of searching the correct data than AltSearchField did provide. And still AltSearchField is to be found in C/SIDE as a table property including…
    • 2014-11-13
  • The Word layout document is malformed - Misleading Message #2

    I guess this error message can make sense for sure, but not with what I was doing today. I mean, working with the new document reporting feature in NAV 2015, this perfectly would made sense importing a Word layout, that has just been updated, but in such a way that is ended up to be malformed . But this wasn't what I was doing. At least that's what I thought and also proved to be so. What did I do to get here? From C/SIDE I had exported the Word layout of REP1306. Opened it in Word…
    • 2014-11-7
  • Let's clean up NAV #2 - Form Designer

    Of course after my post How-to: Design a Form in NAV 2015 this one is obvious, ain't it? Just for the counter to increment: #2. Need to say more?
    • 2014-11-7
  • Let's clean up NAV #1 - URL and SAVEASHTML

    As Mark started to set the pace , I am following up on this with my list of small enhancements that could easily be picked up in the next release. Let's clean up NAV from obsolete remnants. I just call this post #1 even though I am totally unaware how many more will follow. So here we go: 'Houston' ... uhhh ... 'Vedbeak' let's get rid of the obsolete report property URL and function SAVEASHTML . For those who agree, give your vote here .
    • 2014-11-6
  • One or more projects in the solution were not loaded correctly

    Last week performing a NAV 2013 update training, I was confronted with the above message when opening the layout from C/SIDE in Visual Studio 2013. "Ouch", I thought, "apparently trusting too much on my installation to work well. Should have checked." Surely after my laptop re-install some weeks ago. "OK, let's click OK and see," I said to myself, crossing fingers. Luckily Visual Studio opened up showing me the layout of the report and indeed a useful message in the output window: Typically…
    • 2014-11-5