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  • NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server - On Tour

    Returned from summer vacation, picking up daily work and, as you might say, ... getting ready for the touring season. The NAV on TFS tour . Or somewhat longer: NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server - On Tour. By now the tour is already on the run. It started two weeks ago at Directions 2014 in San Diego, USA, being in great company of which not the least were almost three hands full of my fellow NAV MVPs. And surely, when doing the presentation on Source Code Management , together with…
    • 2014-9-30
  • The Bear is Loose Again!

    It has been very silent and all of a sudden the bear is loose again . I mean Sigfredo Beerman is writing again. You might recall my amazement some years ago. As a matter of fact three years, on my birthday ( check it out ). In those days, finally somebody (or at least one of the few) started blogging on functional matters. I know I am a bit to blunt but there weren't many doing that and surely not at MS. Things have changed and there more people around, however , IMHO still to little. In the…
    • 2014-9-25
  • Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere! #10

    Now, on the Northern hemisphere, the meteorological summer is left behind, autumn will soon be falling on us. And with it these wonderfully colored leaves. However summer seems somehow lingering on and the only things that whirl upon me are various blogs . New or somewhat older. Today this came down with some useful information on NAV 2015 that I have immediately added to the NAV 2015 Blog Landing Page . The site looks nice and fresh (for weeks I have been wondering how to find time to get mine…
    • 2014-9-25
  • Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere! #9

    Might be surprising to you, but if I read a blog post title saying Source control…is it really worth it? , you got me hooked! I guess I found, or actually it was Soren who did it for me, a non (ex) MSFT that seems to love Team Foundation Server (TFS). Hooray. Thawtz, join the club. Don't know if you have been following Soren and me , but be welcome. And let your posts flow in to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere. For sure this post makes me looking for the next.
    • 2014-9-22
  • NAV 2015 Blog Landing Page

    I guess that by now you have noticed that NAV 2015 GA has officially been announced and that the download has been made available to partners (including links to useful material like readiness library ). Next to that various post from people like the NAV MVPs are popping up around us like mushrooms. Having been in the heart of this at the start of last week during Directions 2014 in San Diego, CA, when traveling home, I somewhat lost oversight over what we were all producing. Time to get me a…
    • 2014-9-21
  • Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere! #8

    Now that I started introducing I might just as well continue with this one. Actually my mind got running on a blog introduction because of the one I am on to now: Erik Hougaard 's blog. And it wasn't his blog, but the fact that I met Erik for the very first time at Directions 2014 (US) and, shame on me, learned about him for the very first time. Due to the simple fact that Erik has been assigned NAV MVP, finally; after ages of having been working with NAV (since 1990, who of us can say the same…
    • 2014-9-18
  • Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere! #7

    Today I was surprised to stumble over a new blog. You know there are so many blogs and forums to get your information from. And when googlebingen you will obviously hit one of those that have been around some while. But not today. I have totally forgotten to register what I was searching for, but I that I clearly stumbled over this blog that was started only recently. Although he seems to have been around the business for quite some while, NAV Viking aka Johannes Gudmundsson apparently has decided…
    • 2014-9-18
  • NAV 2015 Glance 3: ShowMandatory Property

    You might have noticed that now, with GA (General Availability) communicated by Microsoft, as mushrooms blog posts and tweets are popping up addressing the new things NAV 2015 will bring to us. Look for example @MVPKine , Mohana , @masaccio1401 and waldo . And myself. As MVP's we have been involved in the road that led to NAV 2015 so we have been seeing (some of these) things in an earlier stage, gotten enthusiastic about them - or maybe not -, but we're tighten by NDA and had to hold back from…
    • 2014-9-16
  • NAV 2015 Glance 2: UI Elements Removal

    Way back in 2004 at Microsoft we had a project running called Elba . The goal of it was to release a wrap pack version of NAV (or Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision as it was called in those days) and was popularly known as Navision Light . Now with NAV 2015 Easy to Use pillar this project came to my mind again. Back then one of the attempts to get Navision lighter was to 'wipe out' needless UI elements with respect to the Elba user license , which obviously would have been much more restricted…
    • 2014-9-16
  • NAV 2015 Glance 1: Non-Default Property Values Bolded

    For me as a developer this is one of these simple adjustments to the IDE that makes my day. To help me to grasp (more or less) instantly the pattern that I am looking at. In this case to instantly see which object properties carry default values and which non-default values. To support me in seeing what properties will be exported (to the .txt object file) and which not. I guess we, developers, more or less have been thinking about such a feature many times, consciously or unconsciously. And now…
    • 2014-9-15
  • Directions US 2014: NAV 2015 General Availability

    Today in the keynote at Directions 2014 in San Diego, Microsoft officially announced the general availability (GA) date of NAV 2015. For new customers on 1st of October, and for existing customers on 6th of October. A rough outline of this new release has been communicated to the market at WPC of which my fellow NAV MVP has written a resume on his blog in July. But today not only GA was announced, we were also shown a demo of the various details during this keynote. In addition the various…
    • 2014-9-15