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  • Thoughts on Training #1: Getting Started

    I tend to think I am not that a sentimental goof, but probably this alone proves I am. Nevertheless I vision myself looking forward and spotting the opportunities that lie out there, rather than being a sourpuss. Or say, being the Waldorf and Statler of the Dynamics world (or at least one part of this illustrious couple). Even though, every now and then , I label myself more or less like that. Having been into C/SIDE training intensively lately, I cannot help but getting…
    • 2014-6-9
  • How-to: Jump to a Function from C/AL Globals

    Pentecost weekend. Finally I have moved somewhat out of the razzle-dazzle of months passed. Glad I succeeded to have planned Friday off, going to the hockey World Cup in The Hague . Sit, simmer (in the sun) and shout. And I don't care about all those Canadians thinking this is not hockey. Probably they never achieved something in this sport. So here is me picking up blogging again. Haven't been doing that a lot lately and can't say my list of subjects diminished. You know it's not only time that…
    • 2014-6-9