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  • Customer Survey: Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade

    Microsoft is really working hard on improving the Dynamics NAV upgrade story. Those who took part in the round table we held at the Dutch Dynamics Community with Dmitry Chadayev and Morten Jensen from Microsoft on last March 11, and those that attended the Upgrade session by Dmitry later that day, can tell. Both Dmitry and Morten, but probably more of their colleagues are really committed to this. And while they have been and are still working hard on this they are still very much interested…
    • 2014-4-24
  • The Anomaly of the XMLport Request Page

    The user interface of the XMLport has always been somewhat of a black swan. On the classic platform it was absent and you had to work around it yourself. With the emerge of the windows client (RTC) we did get a request page as one of the incentives for us to start adopting the 3-tier technology. And of course, with NAV 2013, the XMLport became the lawful heir of the deprecated Dataport. Nevertheless, it remains a black swan as the request page does not meet some of the standard features we know…
    • 2014-4-8
  • Poisson d'Avril - The Sequel, part #4

    4th time in a row Microsoft has given me the MVP award. Even though I personally feel I haven't been on the edge of things as in the previous years, I know I have been doing my best the past year to share my knowledge and experience and bother Microsoft enough. Having been engaged primarily with a dev team at an end-user clearly got me off-edge, not saying that it hasn't been worthwhile as it clearly was, not in the least due to the people I have been working with, but also the change of perspective…
    • 2014-4-1