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  • Extend Go To Definition with Navigation History

    ... and enable back and forth browsing. I often find myself in the situation that I have been navigating through some C/AL code using the Go To Definition feature of which I recon each NAV developer is still very pleased with since the introduction of it in NAV 2009 R2. For sure I am still using it on a daily basis. Now finding myself at the end of a "chain of Go To Definition actions" I would like to navigate back towards my starting point. Having navigated from one object to another this…
    • 2014-1-15
  • NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server | How-to Videos

    As you probably have noticed I have been detailing my NAV TechDays starting with branch and merge strategies . Meanwhile "TFS brother in arms" Soren Klemmensen has taken off with how-to videos. Very instructive! Click on the image to go to Soren's blog. Soren has already created two videos: Using NAV with Team Foundation Service Prepare Team Foundation Service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV development
    • 2014-1-15
  • NAV Branching & Merging Matters: Incorporating Standard NAV

    Reading my posts NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server | Branch Strategy and NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server | Merge Strategy you probably have been thinking: "Thanks and well done Luc, but doesn't sound like NAV specific." You're totally right! The setups I discussed there are totally product independent; and these are only three of them. You might even study the wider range of setups discussed in the Branching and Merging Guide by the Visual Studio ALM Rangers and choose (or conceive) one…
    • 2014-1-11
  • feliz NAVidad and much more for 2014

    ... to all of you. I hope on next New Year's Eve you will all be able to look back upon 2014 concluding that it has been worthwhile, whatever it was that crossed your "road". Goosebumps on your skin, love in your heart, even though that "road" can be very, very, very tough. Thanx to all that across my road in 2013.
    • 2014-1-1