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  • Book Review: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Inside

    When Rene Gayer informed his fellow Dynamics NAV MVPs, me included, about his new book on NAV 2013, I directly volunteered to read it and provide him with feedback. Looking back I guess I did not fully understood the implication of the first lines in his May 28, 2013, mail to us: finally..uff our new Book NAV 2013 Inside will be available on 01.06.2013.. puuhh deferral of 6 month .. hard work .. Now finally having read this 500 + pager, I do. I guess you understand why it took me almost…
    • 2013-11-26
  • NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server | Merge Strategy

    With my branch strategy post, I have provided you with a basis to design a source control structure to store your code in TFS. However, this is just half the story when it comes to how to keep the various branches in sync to the right extend. So here comes in the merge part of the strategy, i.e. the "what about all those FI and RI arrows going up and down?" question I left hanging in the air at the end of my branch strategy post. Note: the branch strategies discussed (and also not discussed…
    • 2013-11-24
  • NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server | Branch Strategy

    So after my manifold "pledge" to go there and start today you might have been playing around with TFS. You did put your code there and started to update it with bug fixes and code enhancements. Great, but then you might have wondered: how does this all relate to the NAV production environment you're working in daily? How does this relate to the DTAP paradigm? Here is where the branch strategy comes in and which I am going to elaborate on in this post. Setup 1: from development to release …
    • 2013-11-22
  • NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server | My Top 5

    Misty, autumnal Sunday late afternoon. Lost our field hockey match. Shoot. But won - again! - a game of Stone Age . YES! So now, time to sit down and start my elaboration on my NAV TechDays presentation on NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server, while my dear wife is preparing our diner. Thanx, Sas! I had set, as primary goal for my presentation, to convey my enthusiasm for TFS and rouse it with my audience. Given the number and character of reactions I got there after, I gladly can conclude…
    • 2013-11-17
  • Visual Studio Online

    While me and my colleague Marcel were digging ourselves into NAV's cost calculation, Visual Studio 2013 was offically launched. Thus having missed all excitement and live communications, this morning I had a first and quick browse through all the news that was shared on this event. You might have seen some of the things I retweeted. Having been using Team Foundation Service for my NAV TechDays presentation this almost trivial thing directly caught my eye: the rename of Team Foundation Service…
    • 2013-11-14
  • NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server - #6 | Presentation Recording and Forum

    Have you already noticed that the recordings of the NAV TechDays 2013 sessions have been uploaded to You can find them here: . Great to replay and get hold of the details you missed when you where sitting in those great chairs at Kinepolis. Great to be able to watch a session that was parallel to the one you attended, and of course great to let your colleagues watch as they hadn't been able to join in in Antwerp. And sure…
    • 2013-11-13
  • NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server - #5 | Presentation Slide Deck and Next

    It has been an intensive and rewarding week fully dedicated to the NAV TechDays 2013. Preparing and delivering my session. To those who where present (once more): thanx for being there and a big hand to those who challenged me with their questions. Hope you were able to catch the orange T-shirts I did throw at you. It was a great experience and opportunity to tell my story. For those who cannot wait to go through my slide deck until it is published on mibuso can take it from here . FYI…
    • 2013-11-10
  • NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server - #4 | Condensed Session Impression

    Still not sure if you are going to join my session at the NAV TechDays? Well, here's a condensed impression. See you around in Antwerp.
    • 2013-11-5