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  • NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server - #3 | Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere

    Typically my blog-o-sphere "radar" has restricted sight - whatever that sight may be - as I hadn't registered the emerge of this one in November 2012. I only stumbled across it as we found out that we're "brother in arms" in the topic of NAV & TFS. Click on the image to go to Soren's blog. If you're (getting) into NAV & TFS, be sure to add this to you're RSS feeds list. Soren and I happen to go back quite some time being both ex-MSFTs. And even though we weren't much in touch in those…
    • 2013-10-30
  • NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server - #2 | Brian Keller's Top 5 Reasons

    In case I didn't provide you enough (convincing) reasons yet to start using Team Foundation Service , just wait until NAV TechDays. For now Brian Keller might already give you some more: Click on the image to go to the site and let Brian do the talking.
    • 2013-10-19
  • NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server - #1 | Team Foundation Service

    For those of you who having, in what ever way, an interest in Team Foundation Server - and of course has planned to come to my presentation at the coming NAV TechDays - it probably hasn't gone by unnoticed that this week Visual Studio 2013 (including VS TFS 2013) has been released. Just a little over a month after RC was already released. Compared to VS 2012 we indeed get some useful new things, but from my personal perspective the major change is, that TFS has gone to the cloud being a default…
    • 2013-10-19