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  • Workshop NAV Online Help for CfMD, March 25, 2013

    "It giet oan" as the Friesians would say. Monday March 25, 2013 I will conduct a workshop NAV Online Help for CfMD in Veenendaal (NL). Still some places left. If you are interested feel free to contact me by mail at .
    • 2013-3-18
  • TechDays 2013, The Hague (NL)

    With our full, newly formed development team we joined the first day of the TechDays 2013 in The Hague (NL). Consisting mainly of .NET developers there was an ocean of presentation to choose from. Being a NAV techy only this ocean was reduced to the size of at least the North Sea. Should I have mourned? Well actually not. Don't know about you, but I can handle only one presentation at a time. So more or less my program of that day was sort of set from the start. Building Win8 apps? nope…
    • 2013-3-10
  • How-to: Deploy Your Help Project

    Typically an issue that keeps popping up every now and then on the NAV forums. You have managed to learn to create Help for your add-on and compile your Help project to get the .chm and .hh files. Now you're ready to test it from the UI and have copied both files to the relevant directories. At least that's what you think - or should I say hope? So you start your Windows Client (RTC) and browse to one of your own pages - or maybe a standard page containing some of your add-on fields. You…
    • 2013-3-10
  • Call for Response on a Workshop NAV Online Help for CfMD

    Recently I have been contacted by a number of Dutch partners to help them out on the creation of Online Help for their add-on in the context of CfMD-ing the add-on. Having a longtime experience with Online Help and recently with CfMD I surely will pick up this request. But instead of doing this on a one-by-one basis, helping each partner individually, I have suggested them to combine forces and get together in a 1 or 2 days hands-on workshop, reducing their cost and at the mean time taking advantage…
    • 2013-3-2