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  • How-to: Reset Object Properties After Importing a UI Translation (NAV 2013)

    Recently I had to make sure that captions for both ENU and NLD were present throughout our solution. A job I have being doing many times over the past years and wrote some post about (you will find some here ). One of the last tasks in this process deals with resetting object properties after importing the UI translation back into our objects. To help you with this task the ObjectTime tool, a simple dataport, has been there for ages. But to my dismay MS has not made available a successor to that…
    • 2013-1-18
  • A blessed 2013

    To all of you! Hope 2013 will be a fruitful year for us all. With NAV 2013; that will sure help! With my job at Imtech ICT that stopped on December 31st; room for new challenges! With our children growing up; we being spectator and participant at the same time of their personal quest of becoming a grown-up! Amen - آمين - אמן - ॐ
    • 2013-1-3