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  • NAV2013 Glance 10: No. Series NLD Translation Errancy Corrected

    My exploratory code compare had for sure at least one goal: I had to check the issue I did report ages ago on NAV 2009 R2. You recall? Some spot checking on the tables listed in my post showed me the translation error made in R2 on the term No. Series has been reverted. Thanx, MS, I am glad you did "listen".
    • 2012-6-26
  • NAV2013 Glance 9: Some Objects Statistics

    Investigating the upgrade to NAV 2013 for one of our add-ons I started this morning an exploratory code compare of NAV 2009 R2 NL with NAV 2013 (beta) NL objects. Of course I first had to export all the NAV 2013 objects having one .txt file per object. And surely this struck my eyes the most: 3.911 objects (2013) against 5.721 (2009 R2) Due to all the removed Forms (1.783) and Dataports (6!) and some more because of various feature changes (Dimensions!). Altogether only a fifth of all objects…
    • 2012-6-26
  • Are you using the Testability Features already?

    Or actually my question for now is: why aren't you using it? With NAV 2009 SP1 MS has provided us with the testability features to enable automated tests creation. And I was wondering how many of aren't using it (or do) because of ... So therefor I setup this LinkedIn poll and am inviting you to give your input to it. Go out there and enter your choice. Update 2012-07-14 On the verge of my three weeks vacation, even though the poll still has another 9 days to go, I am putting today's…
    • 2012-6-24
  • NAV2013 Glance 8: Chart Title

    Worked with charts already in NAV 2009 RDLC reports? Tried to set the title of a chart? You might have and think: "so what?" Have a look here. To help you (or actually myself ) I did put that red rectangle down. Nothing special? Well, didn't it bother you that there is no expression button there? I had expected something like this (my mock up) and first thought: Am I missing the point here? I can feed any control with an expression and they have not provided me this possibility on the chart…
    • 2012-6-23
  • Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere! #4

    Have you seen this one yet? Seems a simple, but great idea to start writing about the various message you can come across in NAV. Must admit: I am jealous I did not think of that myself. For sure there are many obvious messages, but indeed there is also a multitude of them because of which various user will be scratching the back of their heads trying to figure out what to do. I first saw some post coming up in Spanish and thought "great, but not for me". But now translations in English are…
    • 2012-6-23
  • NAV2013 Glance 7: Lookup on Image Property

    Finding out that various things have been enhanced in the development environment, I am getting in the "wanting more" mode. Am I getting spoiled already? OK, never mind. One way or another I dreaming of this: would they have thought of getting us a lookup from the Image property, so we do not longer go and find the specific image name we need to assign a icon to a page action? Well ... have a look here (or just go into NAV development environment yourself and find out). YES, they did!
    • 2012-6-20
  • Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere! #3

    For those who have been waiting on my next post on NAV development and TFS: while I am not finding time yet to write more, go here and read. Having been in contact with Ron and Satya for some while already, I am very glad they have picked up the task to start writing about that what they know a lot about and from whom I can still learn a lot. Both Ron and Satya are two enthusiastic IT professionals working on a daily basis with TFS from a different background (both professional and cultural) developing…
    • 2012-6-18

    As you know I have been very happy with the introduction of the EXPORTOBJECTS and IMPORTOBJECTS functions in NAV 2009 SP1, so you can guess my dismay when I found out it is not supported on NAV 2013 (or more precise: it was never implemented for RTC, only on CC). And I am not the only one as you can read on my friends Jan's blog . I wonder if there are more among you who think the same. If so put a comment below this blog post why you agree with me and Jan (or disagree ). Or you might even want…
    • 2012-6-18
  • Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere! #2

    I guess it's almost needless to introduce the guy himself being the architect of IDYN's Object Manager (OMA), but I thought maybe it's a worthwhile, in case you have missed it, to point out that he has started to blog on How to OMA! . As Reijer states himself: It happens too much that when I show the cool stuff of the Object Manager people begin to jump and shout ‘Wow, didn’t know that!’. I think the best way to share those timesaving tricks is to blog about it. I cannot but agree to that…
    • 2012-6-14
  • NAV2013 Glance 5: Expand/Collapse #2

    Expand/Collapse does not only apply to C/AL Editor . See below. Need to say more? Page Designer Action Designer Report Dataset Designer Query Designer Note Not available on the XMLport Designer
    • 2012-6-12
  • How-to: Use Ratio for ExtendedDataType

    Just an illustrative example of using the ExtendedDataType property on a field control and set it to Ratio . Try it yourself with this object file (in .txt format) and press F11 (or the Increase Progress action). Notes 0% equals to a (field) value of 0 or below 100% equals to 10.000 (tenthousand) or beyond unfortunately haven't found away to resize the the progress bar; as shown in the screenshots it looks a bit tiny to me You can also use it in List pages; then it looks…
    • 2012-6-10
  • NAV2013 Glance 4: Filtering Lines

    NAV 2009 was really challenging many long time NAV users on this. Now with NAV 2013 we are getting it (back again): manually setting filters on lines. Have a look here:
    • 2012-6-7