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  • Where the <beep> is the Website Data Sources pane?

    I know, I am not the most experienced RDLC report builder around, and not a hard core Visual Studio user, except for using it is as my client for accessing TFS. Nevertheless I thought I knew my way with VS. Until this time when picking up RDLC report design and opening a RDLC layout in VS 2008, wanting to add some fields to a report. Adding some fields? Hey, where is the Website Data Sources pane? OK, probably the View menu will help me out: Nope. Website menu? No! …
    • 2012-3-30
  • Object Renaming Does Not Update Object Metadata

    While preparing myself for teaching a NAV Development class in over 8 years I stumbled across this issue various times. As the topic was already on my possible-subjects-to-blog-about list for so long it's clearly time now to write it. So what's this about? Never noticed that when you have developed a report or a page and for one reason or another you have to rename it - i.e. change the object id - that when you call the object from RTC you get the following error message: The Object…
    • 2012-3-30