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  • Get Ready

    Yesterday MS launched Getting Ready for Microsoft Dynamics NAV ‘7’ on PartnerSource listing "... planned resources to help you get ready for Microsoft Dynamics NAV ‘7’." If you have access to PartnerSource go there and inform yourself. Not yet all-the-things-that-you-maybe-would-like-to-find are there, but it's a good start and a good list of reasons why you should go to Directions EMEA 2012 in Rome. The page will be updated so "... check back soon for the latest available resources and…
    • 2012-2-28
  • Me, Myself and I - An Interview

    For those who still do not know enough about me:
    • 2012-2-17
  • TDD in NAV - ASSERTERROR or IsFalse

    Ouch, keep on singing the RED / GREEN / REFACTOR mantra wasn't that easy the last couple of weeks preparing myself on my NAV Development with Team Foundation Server presentation . But that's past now and I can look forward again. I can go ahead again. Nothing to stop me from getting to GREEN ... Nothing? Really no thing? Well, there is one thing I should tackle first as I got a bit mixed-up in my previous TDD post . You know, I wanted to bring in the C/AL statement ASSERTERROR and at the same…
    • 2012-2-16
  • NAV Development with Team Foundation Server - Background

    Way back late summer 2009. Almost a year ago NAV 2009 was out of our hands, NAV 2009 SP1 was at the verge of being pushed into the world and I ... just one month ago the MS doors were closed behind me and I made my steps into the partner world picking up my new job at Imtech ICT Dynamics Solutions as Technical Consultant, which became more and more Product Manager. Imtech ICT DS, a typical NAV partner having a drive for their customers doing all of their NAV development in various CSIDE databases…
    • 2012-2-15
  • May-be-of-interest-to-you: Microsoft Dynamics Mayhem at PACKT

    If you are considering to buy a PACKT book on Dynamics go out there and take profit of their discount during February.
    • 2012-2-8
  • How-to: Match Date Formats on Classic and RDLC Report Versions - A Useful Tip from 1CF

    Having troubles getting dates matched on hybrid reports (needing to run both on CC and RTC)? Well we did, or actually 1ClickFactory developers did when converting a bunch of our reports. On this matter they recently posted this tip that might be of help to you too: Matching Date Formats on Classic and RDLC Report Versions Thanx for sharing, 1CF.
    • 2012-2-2
  • Merge Tool's channel - some other useful video recordings

    Wanting to setup some manual for our customers on how to install a platform hotfix I binged for NAV installing platform hotfix and stumbled over this very instructive video by Per Mogensen. Funny that it was uploaded exactly one week before. And you know: he has some more usefull videos out there. Thanx, Per!
    • 2012-2-1