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  • Zetadocs Express - A Missed Chance

    On October 31, months after MS announcement at Directions EMEA 2011, Equisys shipped Zetadocs Express , a freely available and low entry, light document management module for Dynamics NAV. It allows you to Drag & Drop any file onto a record in the RTC to store it in SharePoint Online, start a SharePoint approval Workflow from within the RTC and Save & Send Dynamics NAV reports through Outlook and on SharePoint Online. Of course you can find more information on this dedicated web page. After…
    • 2011-11-25
  • Caption Selection Mechanism on CC and RTC

    Recently I came across the following issue on RTC: Build a Page containing only captions for local language (let's say DEU) Run RTC in local language Open the page Local Language Everything is shown OK like in the following screen shot. All UI string (captions) are in DEU, which is what we expect to get. ENU For this experiment I have taken Page 9006, the Order Processor Role Center, as 'my' page and I have removed all ENU captions from it. Now running RTC in ENU I…
    • 2011-11-24
  • How-to: Record Instructions or Repro Steps

    Ever used the Problem Steps Recorder on Windows 7? Take advantage of it to show your customer how to solve an issue, to show your developer how so reproduce an issue, to ... what else you can make up to use it for. Thanx, Derek!
    • 2011-11-24
  • Selecting a Check Box for Dummies

    I still recall the annoyance one of the first times I was going on the Internet having to enter some data, or more specifically having to select a check box. I was clicking on the label text next to it, but nothing happened. Having been raised on a Fat Mac (512 KB internal memory!) I was used to select it 'anywhere'; on the check box itself or on the label belonging to it. The same emotion came to me working with Navision Financials (2.01) for the very first time. Using a PC was some kind…
    • 2011-11-24
  • Enlisting Will Close on November 18, 2011

    The enlisting for the November 23 DDC event will close on Friday November 18, 2011. At present already over one hundred NAV pros subscribed to the event! If you did not and want to join the event go ahead and subscribe here . For more details on the event go here .
    • 2011-11-13
  • Why invent the wheel again when someone else already have done it - Peter Wibeck's blog

    Oops, I just stumbled across this blog when searching for some info regarding the configuration of the RTC. I really felt stupid that I had never come across this one before. My restless mind immediately started to ease me: Not so many post though! Only two hands full in two years time! Mind you: exactly two years time. First post is from October 27, 2009; last: October 27, 2011. Not many, but really usefull info. Straight from MS, but on his own account. I think there are stil too few doing…
    • 2011-11-9
  • Why is MS asking me to help improve PartnerSource/CustomerSource? - Part 2 of <undefined>

    ... I was wondering in January when being asked by the Usability Sciences stalker. Wow, it seems ages ago that I wrote that post . Ages! And what has happened in between on this topic? I am afraid I have to simply answer with: NOTHING. Or should I be more diplomatic and say "not much"? Maybe it's my limited perception, though I dare to challenge that, as I am clearly not they only one. I am at least in this together with Erik. At least that's how I read his (updated) blog post Microsoft PartnerSource…
    • 2011-11-9