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  • How local is your local Microsoft Dynamics?

    I still do not have my settings right to get informed on any changes on PartnerSource. Luckily, however, I am having a network that every now and then does the job for me. So what's up, Doc? Have a look here . MS is asking us to give " feedback on the linguistic quality of your local product ". Not sure if I was one of the triggers to this (of course I would like to think I was ), but sure enough it's a good opportunity to help MS understand how we think about this. Call for Action Should…
    • 2011-2-16
  • Some Notes on "Enable for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server"

    Through one of my German colleagues I stumbled over the Enable for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server feature. One I hadn't be aware of it before. We were discussing the upgrade of a solution to RTC and how we might use the warning messages thrown by the CSIDE compiler in the Error List window as a means in assessing the effort needed for this job. "Be sure to have this feature enabled otherwise the warnings will not be thrown", he said. "OK", I said, "so aren't these messages thrown on a proprietary…
    • 2011-2-11
  • Second DDC Event Has Passed

    SoWeGatheredInThe VeluweHal InBarneveld. AsOurHostForTheEveningMarkWelcomedUsAll(PICTURE1). AndAfterSomeCommunicationFromTheBoard MSFTArneDeBooijGaveHisPresentationOnRoleBasedThinkingAndWorking(PICTURE2&3). AndThenItWasMy(NOPICTURE)AndArend-Jans(PICTURE4)TurnToPresentTheDeveloperUpdatesInR2. You might have guessed. In short: another succesful DDC event! Want a kind of replay? Go to DDC Downloads & Links for the slide decks.
    • 2011-2-8
  • Application Object BLOB Size in R2

    "What about it?", you might ask Have a look at the available columns of the Object Designer: You get it? Clearly the field still exist. I could not really make a good enough reason why this field has been removed for the Object Designer? Anyone?
    • 2011-2-7
  • Application Object Lock in R2

    As my role is not so much focused on programming anymore I hadn't been in the position to really experience the new "developer updates" of R2 so far. Gladly I accepted the invitation to present some of these updates during our 2nd DDC event . Presenting matters to an audience that is as much (or even more) enthusiastic and eager as yourself always delivers something in return, likewise questions raised and additions made. And not in the least also the things I encounter during preparing the whole…
    • 2011-2-5
  • Modified Flag in R2 - Another Anomaly?

    Preparing ourselves for our presentation on this evenings DDC event , Arend-Jan Kauffmann pointed me to his msconnect entry on the Modified flag. Until today I wasn't in the situation to experience myself. So just now I did some test and ... I am glad I did already gave my vote to it. Try the following on R2 Create a new codeunit (or any other object) Save it Have a look at the Object Designer Now save the code unit again (maybe you have to reopen it in design mode again) …
    • 2011-2-3