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  • How I Reviewed Specs @ Microsoft #1 - Purpose

    Sunny Sunday morning. Everyone still dead asleep. Perfect time to pick up what I had started months ago: my HIRS@M series. Sorry for keeping you waiting. [:$] #1 - Purpose In this post I want to shed light on the purpose of reviewing specs. Reasons for which I value a review; reasons often overlooked IMHO. And next? So this is #1. What's next? #2 and #3! Promised. However no promise when. Let me give a sneak preview: #2 - Practice : so how did I (we) perform a review #3 - "after…
    • 2010-8-22
  • BAD: Brummel's Application Design - Filling the Gap

    Fortunately for all Dynamics NAV pro's, some years ago, PACKT Publishing stepped into the hole in NAV documentation that had been there for years. With their last book, written by my fellow country man Mark Brummel, another and persistent gap was filled: the one left between Implementing and Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. On this Mark has done a tremendous job "to cramp so much information in so little space ", as kriki states it. With this review, however, I have not set out to give…
    • 2010-8-19
  • Russian Invasion?

    I guess now little over a week after returning from my summer vacation I am settled down in the normal mode again. "Work and get paid?", you're thinking. Well, yes, you're right, but that's not what I meant. Just simply getting back on writing a new blog item. Start thinking about it wasn't hard as during my absence my blog apparently got bombarded by a significant load of Russian comments. To be frank: I just treated them as spam as I unfortunately am not equipped with any understanding of Russian…
    • 2010-8-17