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  • Sharing & Synchronicity

    Ever since, what in retrospect became, the final album of The Police , the concept of synchronicity has taken root in my every day conscious. Not something that is leading my 'way of doing' or whatsoever, but as some pair of glasses through which I observe life with amazement every now and then. Scene 1 Yesterday evening. Two fellow NAV veterans. Me. On my terrace. Table and chairs. Coffee and apple pie. Hot water and autographed book. Discussion (among others) on NAV community. How some…
    • 2010-7-14
  • Please, don't reinvent the wheel - C&P chapter 4

    This morning I received an update mail from Microsoft support on a technical incident that felt I had logged ages ago. To be honest: it's 3 months old, reported on April 13th of this year. A good old colleague is the Escalation Engineer (EE) on this, and as he handed off the issue to the Sustained Engineering (SE) team, he updates me on a regular basis. It's nice to have still these kind of interactions. Well alright, as the bug has been sitting their for such a long period I dutifully browsed…
    • 2010-7-9