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  • Did you ever vote on Microsoft Connect?

    In our onward going strive to get our verticals as efficient as possible on the market we were recently discussing whether we should continue our own Links feature or should abandon it and fully adopt the standard NAV version. One of the arguments against standard NAV is the simple fact that users are not able to personalize the Links window, both on Classic and RTC, while they can in our solution. As this also seemed in conflict with standard NAV behavior we considered this a bug and decided to…
    • 2010-6-25
  • PowerPoint Presentations on Partner Source

    As I am preparing some RTC demos I had been roaming around on Partner Source for some good ideas and had a look at the demo scripts . I down loaded various of them including some PowerPoint presentations like the Introduction to NAV 2009 PPT . The link says it's a .pptx file, but once down loaded it shows as . Opening this .zip file I found myself looking at a whole bunch of files: So what to do with that? As I recalled it was not the first time I ran into…
    • 2010-6-17
  • My First Millenium

    When I open my blog control panel the dashboard part shows statistics on the number of recent views and recent posts: Just now I noticed that my post on MS Test Manager 2010 & NAV is my first one hitting a thousand. So one big thanx to all my readers! BTW ... home page lists an excerpt of all blogs. The number of hits displayed always tends to be lower than the numbers on the dashboard. Anybody a clue on that?
    • 2010-6-15
  • How-to: Change the CustomSettings.config file - Web Services

    For the second time in little over a week I ran into the same situation where, after updating the CustomSettings.config file and restarting the NAV Server , RTC was still connected to the previous database. The first time this happened I eventually got RTC connected to the right database by restarting my computer. As I didn't want to restart everything again today I decided to pick this up a bit more intelligently. So I searched the forums but, although I came across various worthwhile info,…
    • 2010-6-14
  • How-to: Add Freeze Pane

    Last week I attended an internal event where during one of the break-out sessions my younger colleague Andreas Zippel did a very good presentation on RTC arousing quite some enthusiasm in the group. Worthwhile mentioning is that he only recently started working on RTC! Already working with RTC for a couple of years I was also touched by it all, not in the least due to the fact that I even learned something new. I have to confess I was quite surprised I hadn't noticed this feature before. Especially…
    • 2010-6-14
  • Andy Jordan - Quality, Not Testing

    Today I was reading an interesting internet article by Andy Jordan called Quality, Not Testing. Not in the least because of the comments added to it. As Jordan writes, quality and testing "are ... very closely tied together" and as such, I would say, we tend to use them synonymous to each other. But they are clearly not, is Jordan's plea. Needless to say I fully agree with him. You can argue about the details of his article (see the comments!), but the basic thread is right in the bulls eye and…
    • 2010-6-9