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  • How-to: Get Edit In Excel R2 Up and Running

    Wanting to prepare a nice RTC demo I recalled that freddyk had built a interesting example of how to manipulate NAV data through Excel. So yesterday I sat down searched for the relevant blog posts and ... started reading: Edit in Excel Part 1 (out of 4) Part 2 (out of 4) Part 3 (out of 4) Part 4 (out of 4) bug fix and R2 Edit in Excel R2 Part 1 (out of 2) Part 2 (out of 2) – the final pieces At first glance I saw a lot of, probably very useful…
    • 2010-5-27
  • How-to: Set View Mode on Pages as Default

    One technical incident we posted to MS some weeks ago which might be of interest to you. Initially I posted it on , but did not get a satisfactory reply on that. You will however find the workaround suggested by the MS engineer to me also on this post as she later copied it on this post. Issue Our add-on I-Fresh has a generic feature that by default opens certain forms as not editable, to avoid that users accidentally start typing and modifying any data. Simply pressing a button…
    • 2010-5-11