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  • Posting Queue - Part 2

    As I wrote last week in part 1 " ...I thought I might spend a blog post (or two) and go into details including some sample coding (see Part 2) " and thereby putting myself in debt. So here I am with part 2. Since last week I had spent some time reviewing and revising the code samples I wanted to present here. However, when trying to get the whole thing work, using the Job Queue , I stumbled - big luck - across some forum posts that referred to a very useful blog by martinni . Many thanx to (a…
    • 2010-1-31
  • Posting Queue - Part 1

    Like probably many of us, every now and then I sit down to search and browse through some of the old postings on or . To learn new things, to get inspiration for a new blog post or just to see what's going on. That's what I did this snowy Sunday morning sitting at the kitchen table with children busy preparing an apple pie and my wife baking pancakes. [Lucky me. ] Today I was looking at various posts regarding locking issues. A subject of great importance to any multiuser…
    • 2010-1-24
  • Progress Dialogs and Performance

    It's good practice to program dialogs to inform users on the state or progress of a process. Like in standard NAV when posting a sales invoice: or a journal: But did you ever had to post dozens (or even hundreds or thousands) of sales invoices or journal lines? Or had programmed a batch job for you customer with a nice progress dialog and when executed seemed to last for ages? Please, if you never have known this before, store this in some drawer of your mind at hand to your daily…
    • 2010-1-17
  • Validating Data #6: User Input - RTC

    I still recall, when I started using Role Tailored Client (RTC), that one of the things of that really surprised me was the error messages that appeared in the yellow ribbon . Well, it was actually not the message as such, or the yellow ribbon, it was more the fact that the error did not prevent me from moving to another field. Although I did enter an invalid value I could just continue working on other fields. That was totally new to me as, on any error thrown, the good old classic client…
    • 2010-1-14
  • Real Online Help for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

    The help provided with Navision/NAV has always been called online help to the dismay of some people as it really wasn't on-line . Since almost a year, however, this 'online' help has been put on-line. And as I experienced, on some Dynamics User Group posts I took part on, that various developers and users did not know that, or thought this was only for msdn members: there for this small post on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Developer and IT Pro Documentation that is really on-line now! Gratefully…
    • 2010-1-11
  • Validating Data #5: Data- and XMLports

    Both a Dataport and XMLport object can be used to import data into Dynamics NAV. And as with user input and code entered data we might need to validate the data imported to impose the necessary business logic. This can be achieved in two ways: either by programming a VALIDATE after the value of a field (or whole record) has been imported or by using the field validation properties CallFieldValidate (Dataport) or FieldValidate (XMLport) In either case the OnValidate trigger of the specific…
    • 2010-1-10
  • Validating Data #4: Assignment and VALIDATE

    If you read Validating Data #3: Cascading VALIDATEs you know by now that a VALIDATE call comes with a price. So where possible the programmer should diminish the number of VALIDATE calls. Or "... to avoid the validate statement when populating records ...", as Marq puts it in one of his posts . Sure, I know, if you need to impose business logic on code entered data you need to validate the value assigned. But that's something different than by default always program a VALIDATE statement to assign…
    • 2010-1-7
  • Should I transform reports on NAV 2009? - Part 2

    At the time that I did write my initial post on the question Should I transform reports on NAV 2009? SP1 was not yet released for the next batch of countries after the first release of SP1 last August, i.e. for Belgium (BE), Norway (NO), Sweden (SE), ... So I could not verify what was discussed months ago when I was still at MS: to not transform any of the local and localized reports . You might recall (or just now read) that in the initial post I mentioned " the huge effort we [... MS ...] did…
    • 2010-1-6
  • SQL Server 2008 Express #1: the free database engine from Microsoft

    John Daskalakis provides some useful information on his blog post SQL Server 2008 Express: the free database engine from Microsoft . Didn't want to deny you this one .
    • 2010-1-5
  • Undocumented Features - a Greenhorn Confession

    Joining recently I started writing my blogs to share my NAV experiences with you. So I thought I could spend a couple of posts on some of NAV's undocumented features . Greenhorn-me just sad down and wrote, not taking much time to investigate the load of posts on It was not long after I had a discussion on them with Marq in which I even learned one from him. Lucky me! One he apparently had learned about not so long ago (if I did recall it right from David Singleton…
    • 2010-1-3
  • Validating Data #3: Cascading VALIDATEs

    In my post Validating Data #2: Using VALIDATE I addressed the issue of how to validate code entered data by using the field method VALIDATE. In my notes, however, I mentioned that a VALIDATE call comes with a price. This is what this post is about and how to make the cost as low as possible by smart programming your VALIDATE calls. Changing the Posting Date - An Example Let's say, for what ever reason, you need to populate and validate the Posting Date field of a Gen. Journal Line record.…
    • 2010-1-1