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  • I.M. Testy - read and get inspired

    I regard myself one of the lucky ones that had the chance to attend a class by Bj Rollison. An inspiring test veteran who, in all aspects, exhibits the notion that testing is more than just trying code and finding bugs. Through MSDN I stumbled across his blog, which he recently moved over here . To me yesterday's post title describes Bj's blog theme in a nutshell: Thinking About Critical Thinking And Test Design . Read and get inspired!
    • 2009-12-30
  • ShowAsTree - a nice blog post by Mehdi EL YASSIR (MSFT)

    For a couple of months I have been subscribed to MSDN blogs RSS at the danger of being bombed with loads of blogs post. And because of that probably once every day I did consider to unsubscribe. But every now and then, up till today, I am surprised by a blog post that makes sense to me. Which otherwise I would have missed for sure. So today it seems, like every now and then, worthwhile, seeing this blog post by Mehdi EL YASSIR: Astuce #1 : Propriétés ShowAsTree et Style . Uhhhh, it's in French…
    • 2009-12-23
  • How-to: Search in C/AL Globals and Locals

    Writing my blog post How-to: Search a Field in Table Designer I fully forgotten to mention that in a similar way you can search in C/AL Globals and C/AL Locals . Be it Variables : .. or Functions : ... or Parameters : ... or Text Constants - although in general this will not help you much as most (standard) text constants start with the letter T. All you need to do is to: Make sure you select the right column Select all lines/records using Ctrl+A or clicking in the…
    • 2009-12-23
  • Validating Data #2: Using VALIDATE

    Whereas validation of user input is one side of the medal, the other is validation of code entered data, the subject of this blog post. Code Entered Data Just as any user input code entered data should be validated before it is allowed to be recorded in the database. A standard way of entering data through code is by the assignment statement: "Search Name" := Name; Like in the OnValidate trigger of the Name field on the G/L Account table, where the Search Name field of a record will…
    • 2009-12-19
  • Validating Data #1: User Input

    Having seen a couple of posts on data validation coming by I decided to tackle this issue in a couple of blogs of which this one is the first. Just to straighten out me thoughts and knowledge on this, and share it with you. User Input Like in any other software system NAV will validate data, entered by a user, before it will allow it to be recorded in the database. This validation process is triggered, once a field has been populated and the user leaves the field. This might be for example…
    • 2009-12-19
  • Error in Version List - NAV 2009 SP1

    A couple of weeks ago I started working on a code review of two of our add-ons. One build on the German (DE) and the other on the Dutch (NL) version of NAV 2009 SP1. The first step I take in this kind of job is to perform a simple text compare using a tool like Beyond Compare or Araxis. I compare our code with standard NAV; our current code with the previous code; I might even compare standard current NAV with previous. Doing this for these add-ons I did hit upon a number of standard objects…
    • 2009-12-13
  • How-to: Search a Field in Table Designer

    Just one of these tricks that compensates some of the monolithic characteristics of C/SIDE. Only if you know! Having been a C/SIDE trainer I was fortunate to meet a lot of NAV developers; I was fortunate to learn a lot from them and share it with others. Like this trick. On any list form, be it the Customer List, Object Designer, or whatever, you can search for any value save the table designer . You simple cannot launch the Find feature. So it seems that in order to get to the right field you…
    • 2009-12-10
  • Posting a Journal Starts on Active Line

    Ever had to post a large journal batch and an error was thrown just before all lines were checked? So you manage to identify the right journal line somewhere at the bottom of your batch. You fix the issue and post again. But now immediately the systems errs on the same line because of another issue. Ever wondered why it didn't err instantly the first time? Reread the title of this blog post. Code Behind Let's have a look at the code behind. Did you ever wonder about this piece of code…
    • 2009-12-10
  • How-to: Use SQL Views in NAV

    The last couple of days I came across some posts that triggered my memory on using SQL views in NAV. After ages having done little to none with this I decided to pick up this gauntlet and spend some time diving in my past experiences. As little as they were - for sure I am not a SQL query expert! - they might be of value to others. I could recall that a SQL view could be linked to a NAV table object and actually that's all that is needed. Have a look at this example: Example #1 Let's have…
    • 2009-12-3