The Following SQl error was unexpected: Invalid object name 'master.dbo.$ndo$srvproperty'.

I installed a new development server and a brand new MS SQL 2017 server. After installing all the NAV components to the NAV development server, I restored the demo database, run the script to add my AD user to NAV tables, started the service and tried to log in.

Not so suprisingly, I received an error, but this time I had never seen it before. The error message is in the title and attached screenshot.

After brief examination, I found out that this table is indeed missing from the NAV installation disk database backup. Luckily it is very easy to create:

* Open the database with Development environment

* File/Database, Alter

* Integration tab, check "Save license in database"

* select your license file, and press OK

This fixed the issue for me.

If you wonder about the script to access the database, I will post it in next blog.

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