NAV TechDays 2018

I received today the confirmation of payment for attending the infamous TechDays in Antwerp during 22nd and 23rd November. The Pre-Conference workshops are held two days before the conference, like in last year. The conference is held by, which is also the place to download community driven add-ins, code snippets, demos and solutions that MS Partners have created during the decades of NAV existence.

Since 2012 I used to attend every Directions EMEA event I could manage to convince my superiors send me. Directions EMEA is a conference which used to be aimed for tech-oriented NAV-freaks like me as well as more salespeople and application consultants, but the role of Directions EMEA has changed during the years. The focus of the event has changed from say 50/50 tech/marketing to more and more marketing where MS Partners present their products for other partners. There is nothing bad in this, the conference was and will be the arena for partners to meet, especially now when Dynamics 365 and Office365is also included to the agenda.

Two years ago after Directions in Prague I decided to concentrate more on technology, and gave my spot in Directions to consultants and salespeople in my organisation, and signed up for the TechDays. Last year was the first time for me, and I was immedialy confident that the choice was right. I met many of the MVP's, learned a lot of about new technology which I have been able to use in my daily work as well. The Pre-conference workshops are well worth the euros spent, especially when the schedules are not too tight for the presenters - it is possible to have a chat or two and share your observations and ideas with most of them. And I cannot wait my next cold and crispy "Bolleke"!

Let's meet in Antwerp!

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