NAV 2018 CU15 TearDown

NAV 2018 Cumulative Update 15 is a minor update

This time MS decided to let out a small CU that fixes mainly small issues. There is only one "bigger" change where MS has moved certain VAT checks that used to be in Codeunit 80 and 90 to a Dimension Management Codeunit new functions CheckSalesDim and CheckPurchDim.

Performance changes include some new keys to certain tables, for example t454 Approval Entry has an extended key Approver ID,Status -> Approver ID,Status,Due Date,Date-Time Sent for Approval.

Tanle 1511 Notification Entry has a new field 18 Sender User ID, which adds sender information to notification emails. It is always nice to know who sends you messages ;)

There is also some integration events, of which I could mention nice additions to Codeunit 12 Gen. Jnl.-Post Line events OnAfterPostCust and OnAfterPostVend. It seems that the flow of new integration events has decreased, and there is only a few new events now. I am still missing some more in CRM integration tables and codeunits. Perhaps I have to request them from MS myself.

Codeunit 703 Find Record Management has now a new function FindNoByDescription, which  used in sales and purchase lines when user enters description but not No. So now NAV finds not only items, but also G/L accounts when user inserts description. Nice feature!

That's about it, Have a good Women's day!

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EDIT: I forgot to mention that Microsoft has not blogged about CU15 yet, but the update can be found from Released Cumulative Updates for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 page.

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