NAV 2018 CU13 teardown - New Features

NAV 2018 CU13 is a minor update. There is only one new feature in addition to added listener hooks to different tables and codeunits:

Vendor and Customer tables have new field: "Disable Search by Name". This boolean field can be used to prevent customer search with name on sales/purchase documents, thus enabling possiblity to have a "generic" customer/vendor, whose name can be changed on the Sales/Purchase header and not trigger the change of the current customer by name.

There is some discussion about this functionality in CU07 teardown blog post:

Second change is to move Post Code validation handling to Post Code table. This makes the Post Code handling more standard throughout the whole system.

Third change is a new codeunit, 5068 Word Application Handler.This is a new codeunit that contains centralized helper functions for Word handling.

I am expecting to see these changes reflect to Business Central as well.

This will probably be the last NAV 2018 CU teardown blogs, in the future I will make similar blogs about Business Central. After all, NAV 2018 sales is going to end after April, so why beat the dead horse

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