NAV 2018 CU07 new features

I updated today our development database with CU07. Just for the heck of it, I took a bit deeper look on the updated objects.
I found out that there is a lot of changes regarding to dimension inserting on the different subpages, and some (expected) field extensions from 30 to 35.
Then I found something interesting. There appears to be new functionality regarding to Customer and Vendor addresses on Purchase and Sales documents.
There is a new field on Purchases & Payables Setup and Sales & Receivables Setup: "Ignore Updated Addresses".
If this field is not set (default), then whenever you change Customer or Vendor address on Purchase or Sales order or invoice, you get a notification to change the Customer or Vendor address accordingly.
This is really nice functionality, and I hope this will be expanded to other areas in NAV as well.

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