NAV 2016 CU15 - notes on update

Microsoft published a while ago (files dated to 5th of Jan 2017, and publicly available at 9th of Jan, and publicly withdrawn again 18th of Jan) the latest Cumulative Update for Dynamics products.
 This blog post concentrates on Dynamics NAV 2016 Cumulative Update 15.
At the time of writing this, the download pages are down, therefore I cannot provide you download link for the update, but there is KB article about the update available:

Note that the KB article misleadingly talks about build 47783, when the correct build is actually 47671 - unless MS has repackaged the update. I cannot confirm this since the update is not right now available.

**UPDATE 2017-01-16**

Microsoft has re-released the Cumulative update. It is now available as normal with name CU 15.1 and build number 47838.

Download link can be accessed via Dynamics NAV Team Blog


Please find below my notes for upgrading the client.
When installing updates please note below:

  • Remove all object locks before updating the client.
  • CRM Synchronization dll's have been changed. Make sure you will copy "Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.Connector.dll" to Service and RTC Client folders. Old dll "Microsoft.Xrm.Client.dll" is no longer used. If you do not copy this file, you will be unable to compile table 5330 CRM connection Setup and end up crashing the Development client
  • Object conversion is required after client update

The reason I was quick to install this update is because we have some locking issues with one of our customers on warehouse tables. I will not go deeper on this problem, Luc Van Vugt describes it very well in his blog post. Unfortunately after update I found out that the SQL indexing bug is still not fixed in CU15. Hopefully we will see this issue fixed in next update. NAV 2017 it is already ok.

After client update our developers faced a new kind of a behaviour.
Developer environment seemed to work as it has been ever before, but when he tried to write code into an object, no text appears to the screen.
If user does ctrl+something it works, ctrl+c - ctrl+v copypastes as usual, alt-h opens help as expected and so on, but plain old typing just does not work. Also if user changed a property or inserted a ML translation, it worked just fine.

I tried to report this to microsoft, but since they are in middle of a massive site rebuild, I couldn't finish the issue reporting form, just got error "Our apologies...An unexpected error occurred."

Well, I started to think more about this, and it occurred to my mind that Code Completion/AutoComplete has to be the reason for this.
I started the developer environment with parameter "useoldeditor=yes", and hear, you could type again!

Funny thing is that our regular development environment with Windows AD logins works just fine, only the special environment built for our external developers does not work. They use SQL logins to the database, and NAVUserPassword logins to RTC clients.
Setting up this external developer environment is really worth another blog post, maybe I will write about it later :)
Now I just have to familiarize again to code without code suggestions...

//++ EDIT 20th Jan 2017

The reason for misfunctioning CodeCompletion/AutoComplete appeared to be one blocked file in RTC folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\90\RoleTailored Client\Add-ins\CodeViewer\CommonComponents\Microsoft.VisualStudio.UI.Text.Wpf.KeyProcessor.Implementation.dll

I have no idea why streams.exe failed to unblock this single one file, and it ended up to RTC folder, when all the rest of the files were properly handled.

I also received information from MS Support that the download for CU15 is currntly disabled because the Product team is investigating some issue with the update. So I suggest that if you have the update alredy downloaded, do not proceed with the CU15 upgrade until the download is released again or new update is released!

Let's hope it is nothing serious, and we get the download available soon!

//-- EDIT

best regards, urpo

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