NAV 2013 - 2018 and Business Central on premises Client upgrade script


MS publishes a new Cumulative Update version every now and then, and urges Value Added Resellers to keep the client versions always updated to the latest CU. This is reasonable, because MS constantly fixes different issues not only within the objects (business logic layer, tables pages codeunits etc.) but also the on the client side. Biggest changes can be for example what we saw when MS added GDPR support by introducing a new property to tables that helps developers to classify certain fields with sensitivity flag.

Common procedure to update clients is pretty straightforward: technician has to uninstall the previous version and then reinstall the new one, and then distribute the new binaries to users. In the old days this was done with what we call "adidas work", a technician went through all workstations and repeated uninstall/install procedure as many times as many clients the company had. This was changed with ClickOnce installation that was introduced in NAV 2015.

Totovic blogged about automated ClickOnce script, which you can find from here. I have similar script for my own purposes, but Totovic's is a very good starting point with automating ClickOnce install and update. It is possible that I will blog later with my upgrade script, but so far it is missing the signing of the updated client, so I have decided not to share it yet.


I blogged about update script back in 2017, and now it is time to update the script with BC on premises support. All of the information in that blog post is still valid, I have just updated the script with new paths (old ones pointed at "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Dynamics" while BC paths point to "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central".

The script is uploaded here as ".txt" to enable download. Remember to run it as an administrator in order to let it update system files. Also remember to keep the paths short, Windows still has some limitations with the number of characters within the folder structure. I suggest you to use a folder that is created directly to the root, for example "C:\BC03". Also remember to check if some of the longes paths have region metadata set, and remember to clear it by unblocking the file with right-click/unblock.

Windows max depth of folder names is 260 characters. When the upgrade files are uncompressed directly to the root, Finnish localisation has a longest file/path combination within BC update folders is 214 characters (see below). That leaves only 46 characters to the beginning of the path, so be careful.
C:\Dynamics.365.BC.27233.FI.DVD\RoleTailoredClient\program files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\130\RoleTailored Client\Add-ins\CodeViewer\CommonComponents\Microsoft.VisualStudio.UI.Text.Wpf.KeyProcessor.Implementation.dll

Have fun, and please comment if you have a better way of doing something in the script!

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