Dynamics NAV and GDPR compliance

GDPR is a huge thing in Europe at the moment. So far it has required partner modifications to apply functionality that will help customers with handling of sensitive data.

This has now changed starting from Dynamics NAV 2015. Microsoft has released a CU that applies GDPR compliance partially to the product.

The changes include both object changes and binary changes. Adding the CU2018 update to NAV database also requires installing the latest client binaries. If you do not update the client, you will end up receiving error:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment
The type '5056' was not defined for the function.

The objects will have new properties in order to define which fields have characteristics that fall under GDPR. These characteristics include customer content, end user identifiable information, organization identifiable data, or system metadata.

I will get back to this issue after I have had more time with the new functionality, stay in touch!


EDIT 13:50: Please read more about field classifications from MS team blog:


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