Dynamics NAV 2018 Administration MMC does not start after CU 01 install

If you use my script to update NAV 2018 RTM version to CU01 version, NAV Administration MMC fails to run with error

"MMC could not create the snap-in."



This error is caused because the Registry key for Dynamics NAV 2018 CU1 Administration MMC has been changed for overlapping with older version, namely 2017. This same thing was seen also earlier with NAV 2013 or so version.

There is three solutions: You can change the registry key from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\110\RoleTailored Client\Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.msc" to point to the old registry key.

The old key is "FX:{BA484C42-ED9A-4bc1-925F-23E64E686FD0}"

The new key is "FX:{BA484C42-ED9A-0110-925F-23E64E686FD0}"

Take your favourite editor, open the MSC -file and replace all instances of new key with old key, and you are good to go.

Quick and easy as it is, this solution is not sustainable. If you want to fix it so it will work with later CU's, your second solution would be uninstalling NAV and reinstalling it... or use the third possibility, just import the correct registry key from the file I have attached here. Just remove the .txt ending, right click and Merge it.


Edit: fixed some spelling errors

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