Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises first impressions

If you have not yet heard about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises publish from yesterday, now is the time! Please check Demiliani's blog about the release.

I downloaded the new version as soon as I possibly could, and now have played a bit with the installation and some testing. First impression is that the user interface seems to be quite sleek. It is very well responsive, and browsing around the application areas is quite quick. Web client has been turned upside down and now the UI is 1:1 with Business Central Online version.

First thing I found new was a new menu selection in Development Environment. Tools menu now has "Build Object Search Index" available. Interesting why is this added here. Also importing objects now automatically runs the function.
EDIT 2018-10-05: This functionality creates search index for web client.This is new to NAV 2018 BC on premises web client. You can read more from Demiliani's blog.

I compared the objects to 2018 CU9 version, and foud out that in Finnish localisation 3955 of total 6170 objects have been changed. This includes changed, added and removed objects. Respectively, Business Cental has 4195 of 6337 objects changed compared to NAV2018. NAV 2018 has 33 objects that have been removed from BC OnPrem. These objects are mainly Activities Management codeunits, and PayPal integration objects. These are probably moved to extensions, so they are no longer included to the base objects. Also Codeunit 1 has been removed, as stated in a blog post from Dynamics NAV Team Blog. Codeunit 1 was replaced with subscriber codeunits. The new subscriber codeunits are located in 2000000001-2000000010 no. series.

Then again, BC OnPrem has 268 objects that cannot be found from NAV2018. This is very interesting indeed! From the objects we can find out that Role Centers have been updated (as expected, BC has totally different start pages for each Role Center), PowerBI has a handful of new tables and pages, and also what thrills me most: objects that handle DotNet obects. Microsoft has defined "allowed set of .Net objects", that can be addressed from inside NAV from codeunits 3000 - 3031. These DotNet objects can be accessed also in Business Central.
Most of the pages are however new UI pages for BC O365 Integration, like simplified Item card with only few fields and a picture, and supporting codeunits for integrations.

Departments/Administration/Application Setup has geined some new functionalities. You can now find Cortana Intelligence, Intelligent Cloud Base, Sales and Inventory Forecast and PayPal Payments Standard form the menusuite. These come from ready-installed Extensions "Business Central Intelligent Cloud", "Essential Business Headlines", Intelligent Cloud Base", "PayPal Payments Standard", "Sales and Invenotry Forecast" and "WorldPay Payments Standard". List for extensions MS provides can be found from Microsoft Docs.

We are living interesting times indeed!

EDIT: some typos squished, product name correction

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