Custom API and PowerApps

Dear reader!

I have been working this week with one of our customer demos where we need to create a PowerApp application and connect it to Business Central. Well, it turned out that custom API's are not quite yet available for PowerApp to consume, so I will have to find out another way how to do it.

I was thinking of another connector in PowerApp framework, "HTTP by AAD". I have already created a Web Application with Azure Portal (followed instructions from MS Docs AAD based authentication),and I managed to connect the Custom API after succesful publish/upload to my Business Central trial instance. For this I needed to publish the API as web service "old school way", by adding a record to Web Services table.

Next step is to enable PowerApp "HTTP by AAD" connector to revealed web service.

During the work, I have been working a lot with Visual Studio Code, and I have to say that I like the tool more after every time I have used it. There is, of course, some quirks which show that it is still in developing phase, but I am sure that these small rough edges will be smooth before C/AL development is dropped out of the latest BC versions.

I have found Waldo's Extension Pack very useful indeed, and I can recommend it to everyone!

Stay tuned!

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  • VSCode is a blast to work with, I fully agree. And the more you use the more you learn how strong it really is. And how you can extend it, i.e. with Waldo's or one of the many other Extensions for VSCode. Not only the NAV/BC specific ones are interesting, all the code I write is spell-checked by a VSCode extension. :)